Is Your Ashford Property Prepared for the New Year Rush?


It’s the season to be jolly, but Christmas can also be a very stressful time, and as a result over the festive period many Ashford people make the decision to move home in the New Year.

What you may not realise is that Rightmove’s viewing figures soar in late December and into early January. In fact, on Boxing Day 2015 they received 31 million page views, a figure which rose to 44 million by December 30th, and last year saw a further 5% increase. With so much traffic and potential tenants, have you got your Ashford property portfolio in order, ready for the New Year rush?

If you’re planning to let out an Ashford property in the New Year, act now, as you will otherwise be missing an incredible opportunity if your Ashford property is not marketed over the festive season. With so many potential tenants online, it would be beneficial if your Ashford property was among them. We are still taking on Ashford properties to market during this period, but time is running out, so we advise you not to delay and call our office today.

Nowadays, simply listing a property online is not enough; the materials that we produce need to really capture the attention of viewers. Through high quality photography and detailed descriptions, we give any potential tenants a good base of information to allow them to make an informed decision on whether the property is right for them.

Just because your Ashford property is being marketed, doesn’t mean that viewings have to begin immediately; we can hold off conducting viewings until the New Year, building an applicant list and momentum so that when we do commence viewings we have the potential to secure a tenant extremely quickly.

Many tenants, although actively searching for their next Ashford home, will not be wanting to uproot themselves whilst the seasonal celebrations are in full swing, but they will be pleased to know that their name is high on the list so that they can be one of the first to view when you do open the doors. Having this level of interest means you will also have a choice with regard to the tenant that rents your Ashford property.

Delaying viewings also gives you time to ensure that your Ashford property is ready and presented to a standard that will spark offers. It doesn’t matter if you’re renting your Ashford property out furnished or unfurnished, your attention to detail matters. Remember, Ashford tenants will often be happy to pay higher rent for properties that are maintained and furnished to a high standard.

With wintery weather now in full force it is essential that you keep on top of the maintenance of all your Ashford properties. The damage caused by gutters simply becoming blocked by leaves can be expensive if ignored, leading to additional problems that can result in your Ashford property sitting empty whilst works are undertaken.

Condensation can also be a major cause of damp problems, and we would always recommend tenants are given advice on the best ways to tackle and prevent condensation. Giving your tenant tips on ventilation, especially when drying clothes and taking a shower, will help ensure that your property remains damp-free. If you would like guidance on this issue, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of my team.

If you’re a new Ashford landlord and daunted by what lies ahead, we’re here to help. My team at Taylors Lettings works closely with many first-time Ashford landlords and can provide you with the valuable support and guidance you need to set you off on the right track. We want to ensure you know your responsibilities and what is expected of you in the future. With continuing changes to legislation and regulation, it is essential that you keep yourself up to date and compliant.

The New Year signifies a new start, and for many that means looking for a new Ashford home, whether as a conscious move to be closer to friends, family or a school catchment area, or simply because their circumstances have changed. Any move can be stressful, and by working together – landlord, agent and tenant – we can ensure that any rush does not feel pressured, and you can just enjoy the news that your Ashford property has been let to a great tenant.