Sourcing & Retaining Great Ashford Tenants


At this time of year, the big brands rely heavily on their influence in the market place to attract customers, the Christmas adverts often do not directly promote a store or even a particular product, but instead create a feeling or state of mind that captures hearts and which we can’t help but follow.

As an Ashford letting agent you would be right in thinking that our key focus is on Ashford landlords whose properties we can find tenants for and manage. However, concentrating our efforts on landlords alone does not make for a great lettings business.  We could have the finest of management packages and a glorious collection of Ashford rental properties available, but without tenants we cannot deliver on our service.

So what is our approach to sourcing Ashford tenants?

It’s not about any one thing that we do, but everything we do, from the quality of our marketing of your Ashford properties to the respect we show every tenant through our service.  It shows from the smallest of gestures to the boldest of statements. What do we mean?

Think about when you were looking to purchase an Ashford property, there were several things that would entice you to book a viewing.  First, at the most basic level, was for the property to be  listed where you are looking for it, whether on the major property websites or more local marketing materials.  Once it’s there, the property had to catch your attention immediately, and the first thing you saw, before you read any description, was the image.

There are many letting agents that do not assign the same importance to the role of the photography as we do.  Remember, your next tenants are looking for a new home; they want to be able to see what this home looks like, both inside and out, to determine whether it will suit them.  They are unlikely to waste their time booking viewings if they can’t get a very good idea from how your property is presented in the listing.

High quality photographs tell the story of the property. With images of all key rooms and spaces, tenants can start to imagine how they may furnish the property and what it might feel like to live there – in essence, they can start to build an emotional connection.  Emotions are powerful things; this is what the big brands rely on to influence our buying decisions, and we want to win tenants’ hearts from the outset.

Once they decide to view your property, each step going forward must be one that provides support and guidance.  If you have rented a property before, you will know that the process can be almost as daunting as buying a property.  With some agents treating their relationship with tenants in a less respectful way than we think is appropriate, the situation can feel intimidating with prospective tenants feeling as if they have been a nuisance and their custom isn’t important to the landlord or the letting agent.

As we’ve said, lettings is symbiotic: one element cannot work without the other.  We know this, and that no person, tenant or landlord, deserves to receive a lesser service.  Giving tenants a great experience from the outset means they have one more reason to love living in your Ashford property, treat it kindly, and honour your wishes regarding it’s usage.

Openness and directness are a key strength within our service. We are always honest with tenants and do not shy away from the difficult conversations, when they are needed.  This firm but fair approach has cemented our reputation in the area, and we are often approached by potential tenants whose wish to rent a home through a good letting agent can sometimes be greater than their preference for a particular property:


If your letting agent is not getting 5-star reviews from both landlords and tenants, I would love an opportunity to discuss with you, whether by email: or telephone: 01233 663266.